Paul George or Jimmy Butler?

Written by @JonesyNBA

Paul George and Jimmy Butler are two all star small forwards that have been connected to the Celtics in trade rumors. Either one would be an upgrade over Jae Crowder but who would you rather have for the same price?

Well @CelticsNetwork asked that exact question in a twitter poll and the results were very surprising to me.

As you can see Paul George won in a landslide. I’m going to tell you why 77% of voters were wrong. If this past election taught us anything it’s that voters don’t always have all of the information before making a decision.

For starters, here is the statistics from this year. Let’s compare.

Paul George
Jimmy Butler
Isn’t it obvious now that Jimmy Butler is the better player? He is better in: PPG, FG%, rebounds, assists, and he gets to the line nearly twice as much.

Paul George was arguably on his way to being a top 5 player in the NBA before that devastating leg injury. Unfortunately the injury stunted his development and he doesn’t play as aggressively as he did before. He doesn’t dunk as much which is a clear sign of him not being as aggressive. Prior to his injury he would give you 70 dunks a season and last year he only had 32. This year he’s at 19. I don’t think it’s because he physically can’t do it like he used to. I think he is scared to do it and that is never good.

A couple years ago Paul George would be the clear choice in this argument but things have changed. He got hurt and Jimmy Butler continued to improve in every aspect of his game.

Oh and I haven’t even touched on the contracts yet.


Paul George

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is making less than Paul George and more importantly he’s under contract for a year longer.

In summary, Jimmy Butler is the better player with a better contract. But 77% of twitter voters would take Paul George over him? It looks like the wrong guy won in the vote yet again.


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