Goodbye Avery Bradley

Boston recently traded Avery Bradley to the Detroit Pistons for Marcus Morris and left Celtics fans in shock. It was a questionable trade, but there are reasons behind it. The 6’2” guard who was drafted number 19 back in the 2010 NBA Draft was just a guy from Tacoma Washington trying to have a successful NBA career. To this point, he has done that and now he will continue to be a great defensive stopper in Detroit. 

How much did he mean to Boston?

Avery Bradley meant a lot to the Boston Celtics franchise. His heart and grit is a reason why his teammates always liked him. Avery Bradley is known for his ball hawking defense, averaging. 1.7 steals in his 2016-2017 year. He is that locker room guy a team strives to have, and Boston was lucky to have him. As Danny Ainge said in his press conference welcoming Boston’s new acquisition Gordon Hayward, “ I love the kid. This is not fun. I think everybody knows Avery has been one of my favorites”.


Why did Boston make the trade?

There are many reasons why Boston had to give up Avery Bradley. You can argue it could have been Crowder or Smart being the one to get traded but Bradley made the most sense. One of the reasons he was traded is injuries. Yes injuries.  The things that have caused players such as Brandon Roy, Derrick Rose, Greg Oden, and many others to have a short lived career or have their explosiveness lost. In his 7 year career, Avery has never finished a season with 82 games played, which is definitely something that affects a team. Another reason why Bradley needed to be traded is this is his contract year. He will look for the max contract next season, and Boston just doesn’t have any cap space to sign him. The money Boston does have will likely go to Isaiah Thomas and Marcus Smart.


Who should step up with Bradley Gone?

There are some very young players who will need to step up with Bradley’s absence. Those players being Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and new rookie Jayson Tatum. One of these guys will take Bradley’s spot in the starting lineup. Who should it be?  You really can’t go wrong with this decision, but Boston should go with Jaylen Brown. Reason for this is a young stud who is athletic and ready to make an impact. He has tremendous defensive potential thanks to his speed, strength, and lateral quickness. Brown fits the position perfectly as Brad Stevens believes any wing can play any position 1-4.


Pistons fans. Take care of Bradley. He truly is someone special, and you’ll see it in the upcoming season. There is not many guys like Bradley with the heart and grit like him. Boston fans are forever grateful for Bradley’s tenure here in Boston.

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